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    Where Does Your Coffee Come From?

    By Kara Ficke | March 16, 2021

    Coffee from Seed to Cup Brewing a pot of coffee in the morning is a daily ritual for many people around the world. Whether coffee gets you ready for a busy day or gives you a sense of calm on a slow morning, you might not know where coffee comes from. But once you understand the journey it takes to get to your cup, you’ll appreciate your coffee even more. The Coffee Belt Let’s start from the beginning. Coffee isn’t actually a bean—it’s a fruit! Coffee…

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    What is Sustainable Coffee Production?

    How the Arbor Day Foundation Coffee Program Approaches Sustainability  Arbor Day® Coffee is sustainably sourced. But what does “sustainably sourced” mean? In the world of coffee, sustainability is a broad term that may refer to zero-waste packaging, organic farming practices, and paying fair-trade prices for…

    By Kara Ficke | February 15, 2021
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    What is Coffee Agroforestry?

    Within the past few years, we’ve started using the phrase coffee agroforestry to better describe the shade-grown coffee process. Since this phrase is still pretty fresh in the mainstream world of coffee and agriculture, let’s look at what it means.   The United States…

    By Jon Ferguson | January 25, 2021