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    What is Sustainable Coffee Production?

    By Kara Ficke | February 15, 2021

    How the Arbor Day Foundation Coffee Program Approaches Sustainability  Arbor Day® Coffee is sustainably sourced. But what does “sustainably sourced” mean? In the world of coffee, sustainability is a broad term that may refer to zero-waste packaging, organic farming practices, and paying fair-trade prices for green coffee. Today, I want to share how the Arbor Day Foundation’s coffee program approaches sustainability holistically — and what we look for in our relationships with farmers and cooperatives.   The reality is that coffee production can have a negative environmental impact on water resources, soil health, wildlife, and communities. Choosing to purchase coffee from farmers who care for…

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    What is Coffee Agroforestry?

    Within the past few years, we’ve started using the phrase coffee agroforestry to better describe the shade-grown coffee process. Since this phrase is still pretty fresh in the mainstream world of coffee and agriculture, let’s look at what it means.   The United States…

    By Jon Ferguson | January 25, 2021