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A Coffee Club with a Mission to Plant Trees

By Kara Ficke | April 7, 2020

So what’s all the hype around coffee subscriptions, monthly coffee boxes, and coffee of the month clubs? I’ll speak for myself and say that having delicious coffee delivered right to your door is such a fun, convenient, and useful way to support a good cause.  

There are a lot of a choices these days when it comes to coffee, especially freshly roasted specialty coffees. I’ve learned through the years that coffees are not created equal, especially the methods in which coffee is grown. Choosing coffees that are grown in a sustainable way is important to the preservation of rain forest land and the quality of life for the coffee farmers and their communities.  

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The Arbor Day Coffee Club started in the mid-90’s to connect Arbor Day Foundation members to rain forest saving efforts and continues to be a significant part of the Foundation’s Rain Forest Rescue program. Back in the day, members would sign up for their coffee subscription through the mail or over the phone (online shopping was still years away) – thinking back to the 90’s, establishing a coffee subscription service was really innovative and the Arbor Day Foundation members and supporters loved it.  

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Our mission for nearly 50 years has been to inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees. Trees are vital to the rain forest eco-system and shade-grown coffee ensures that trees are not removed in an attempt to increase crop yield. The shade-grown Arbor Day Coffee program works with farmers to ensure that their land is more valuable with trees than without.  

When the coffee program at the Arbor Day Foundation started, most of the shade-grown coffee was sourced from Chiapas, Mexico. Today, coffee is sourced from many countries including Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Nicaragua, Honduras, and others. As the program continues to grow, we are able to partner with more and more coffee farmers and cooperatives who are dedicated to sustainable shade-grown farming practices and tree planting. 

We’d love for you give the Arbor Day Coffee Club a try and help the Foundation further such an important mission.  

Here are a few FAQs that we’ve been asked about the Arbor Day Coffee Club: 

Does the coffee I purchase actually plant trees? Absolutely. The Arbor Day Foundation supports hundreds of tree planting projects around the world. Each bag of coffee you purchase will plant one tree. 

How much does it cost to join? To join the Arbor Day Coffee Club, the initial cost is $9.95. With that, you receive a 12oz bag of Arbor Day Blend coffee and a nifty to-go mug as a special gift. 

How often will my coffee deliver? Setting up a subscription is easy and flexible. Need freshly roasted coffee every 2 weeks? 4 weeks? 6 weeks? You can select how often you’d like your coffee order delivered.  

Can I choose different blends? You bet. There are several delicious shade-grown blends to choose from. When you set up your subscription, you can indicate which blends you’d like delivered as well as the frequency.  

Do I save money by joining the Arbor Day Coffee Club? Yes. You’ll save up to 20% on each order.  

Learn more about Arbor Day Coffee here.  

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