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Coffee Brewing: Home Edition

By Jon Ferguson | April 9, 2020

Whether your go-to drink was simply a hot black cup of coffee, espresso, cold nitro-brew, or iced coffee, now is the time to learn some quick and simple solutions for brewing coffee at home.   

Rather than reinventing the wheel with detailed instructions, I have gathered my favorite resources to direct our audiences.  And of course, joining the Arbor Day Coffee subscription program is the best way to get your coffee right now, delivered directly to your front door, and you get a free mug, along with helping fund the planting of trees around the world.   

Here are a few quick hits: 

Yes, the grocery store is likely the only place to get coffee in a hurry, but it is highly recommended to limit your exposure and go only when you need to do so.  Joining a coffee subscription service will ensure you have enough coffee to never run dry of your coffee supply. 

Grocery stores are rapidly restocking their shelves, and most likely the coffee will be fresher, but it has still been stocked and restocked, through several layers of distribution channels, going from one warehouse to a secondary distribution center, to yet another distribution center, finally hitting the shelf at your local supermarket.  Is it really that fresh?  Direct shipping = less hands, fresher coffee. 

With subscription services and direct shipment from roasters, you have less points of distribution, simply from the roasting company to your door, via one shipping service.  And it’s one of the fastest methods to receive your coffee just short of going to a roasting company’s front door.  

Okay, let’s do this. Two Steps. Easy peasy: 

Step 1 

First off, I’d recommend that you buy your coffee HERE. Joining the Arbor Day Coffee Club is a great way to support tree planting. When deciding between ground or whole bean coffee, first you’ll need to choose your brewing method, and decide if ground coffee or whole bean is the best fit for you.  

Read A Coffee Club with a Mission to Plant Trees

Step 2 

Watch some videos and find what fits your home brewing needs the most. When selecting a brewing method, consider your budget and the amount of coffee you will need to brew every day. A few links that I recommend: 

With Arbor Day Coffee, you get amazing coffee sent directly to your door, you help plant trees, and receive a coffee mug too.  Our partners on the ground in Peru, Nicaragua, Honduras and beyond appreciate your support, and we are for certain all in this together, sharing this wonderful, crazy, and beautiful world.  

Sign up for the Arbor Day Coffee club.  

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