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    Meet Juan de la Cruz Vasquez

    By Jon Ferguson | November 23, 2020

    The Farmer Behind Small Batch No. 1 of The Heritage Coffee Series Within the rain forest community of Carrizal, you will find El Naranjo.This 2-acre farm in Honduras is home to Juan de la Cruz Vasquez and his wife and three children. It is also where the coffee from The Heritage Coffee Series Small Batch No. 01 was grown, harvested, and processed. Read: Celebrating the Heritage of Shade-Grown Coffee Previously, Juan had sold his family’s coffee in cherry form to…

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  • Coffee Tips

    Does Dark Roast Coffee Have More Caffeine?

    A friend asked me, “do dark roast coffees have more caffeine than light roast coffees?”   I replied, no. But if you think that dark roasted coffee is stronger in caffeine, you’re mistaken. There are a few more factors that determine how strong coffee is, the biggest one is…

    By Jon Ferguson | July 14, 2020
  • Featured Production

    How is Coffee Decaffeinated?

    According to research, two out of every 10 coffee drinkers drink decaffeinated coffee.  Decaf coffee sometimes receives a bad rap by coffee purists.  Historically, decaf coffee wasn’t given much thought in the coffee industry.   Recently however, improvements in the decaffeination process and more attention to select higher grade, raw…

    By Jon Ferguson | July 7, 2020