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    Do’s & Don’ts of Brewing Coffee

    By Jon Ferguson | February 13, 2020

    I don’t know where to begin, so why don’t we begin at the bottom. Let’s talk about the burners in the room, the burners under those glass carafes that keep coffee hot in your coffee brewer at home, office, or local diner. Warming plates, otherwise known as “burners,” burn coffee. If the coffee doesn’t already taste burnt; well, it is now. This might be why your coffee tastes bad. If this isn’t the issue, it’s likely one of the many things I mention below.   The Do’s  Buy fresh coffee. Read What is the Best Way to Store Coffee at…

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    What is the Best Way to Store Coffee at Home?

    Working for almost 15 years in the specialty coffee industry, this question comes up quite often. There are several ways to maintain your coffee’s fresh flavors and are usually achieved by simply changing a…

    By Jon Ferguson | February 7, 2020